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If you really loves the life, if you respect yourself and the environment, if you care the animals and you want to help, now it is the suitable moment. Become member of the site www. animalbank. org and contribute in the fight for the creation of the world banking independent organism that will dynamically support from place of force the rights of animals of the planet.

Supplementing the following form with your elements, you automatically become and without no obligation, supporter of the idea of the foundation of Animal Bank, world bank for the animals. Your own presence as a supporter of this idea will strengthen the energies of the administrators of bank to advance in the concretisation of the ambitious vision. The guarantee for the safeguarding of your personal data from third person that does not have relation with the undertaking should be considered certain.


Give strength and meaning to the fight of to supplement the greation of the world bank for the animals.
The most human bank in the world


Become a member now (witout obligation)
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* The members of have the possibility of direct briefing and access to the news of Animal Bank, as well as to creative intervention for the configuration of material of web page. The members of web page will have priority in order to constitute the founding honorary members of Animal Bank.

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