The Vision

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has"

Margaret Mead

The persons that insist to dream and envision a better world nowadays , are considered by many people as romantic or graphic or even mad.

I believe that one of them is me and I dare to accept anyone of these characterizationsn on condition that being my vision is carried out.
I do not know precisely how many persons all over the world dream and conceive visions, but I know very well that we are a lot of all those that we want our world to become better. I believe that we have the responsibility to defend factually this opinion and that it deserves this fight . This world has the opportunity to be saved if decide to include between the structural elements of their culture the ethics and the justice.

The Immoral and unfair until today attitude of the people, as a sovereign of the nature, opposite to his environment, has caused only problems to himself and the other remainder animals of our planet.

All the people that love and respect the values of life agree that the animals are, without doubt, the most tortured and wronged creatures of nature. The person has attended to create a relation between him and his co-tenants that is characterized by the wild exploitation of the feeble by the powerful.One this immoral relation is empoisoned continuously in a bigger degree by the , symbol of the human culture that is not other than the profit. Money is the poison that tortures, humiliates and exterminates daily millions of animals all over the world.. We know however that the antidote for each poison is prepared by the same basic substance that is contained in the poison.
In the same way I have the conviction that through money we should seek and find the antidote that will save the animals all over the world.

I know very well that there are millions persons all over the world that really want to help the animals but they do not know how!
Now they will have really the occasion to do it easily and fast.


I envision a world bank for the animals in which we will deposit our love and will collect their gratitude, while at the same time we will have economic profits.

It is perhaps in my opinion the unique way to defend dynamically and effectively the rights of the animals in the planet.

I believe that the world funds for the animals, that exist, do well and should exist, but they always will be supported in a relation, by economic view- and this relation set them evolutionary to some degree.

A world bank for the animals, with members friends of animals(and not only) will be in place to develope with economic profits as much for itself as for the persons that will entrust it.

The banks all over the world, are presented as much promising, financing-financier groups that with their activities opposite aim at and concern the upgrade of our society through the corporate social action with feeling of responsibility to the person, the culture and (finally) the environment. Many important words adorn their advertising presences in the press. "Responsibility, confidence, faith, creation." Very cheap words of air and dreams that they debit with gold. The enormous surplus values in their annual economic assessments testify that the unique capitalizable value for these companies is only the profit.

In the modern world economic system the banks constitut a monument of unverifiable greed and human vanity. In their historical way up to today only negative role have the banks of world have played, opposite to the fight of the persons that defend the rights of animals. However is it very natural, a bank that exploits her customers taking into consideration only her profit, to nourish friendly feelings opposite the animals?

For this reason I characterize the Animal Bank as the most human bank in the world. The unique bank that can think and feel in the same time.

I know very well how much ambitious my vision is and the difficulties that it must exceed in order to becomes real. If however it were not so much difficult I would not characterize it vision!


* Read with attention and analytically the completed proposal of the creation of the Animal Bank in the Link <The Bank>


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