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The stages of creation of bank
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The system of values of Animal Bank

•  All the animals have equal rights and the bank owe to defend them equivalently.

•  The animals do not trade and do not constitute no species products

•  The superiority of person opposite the animals is precisely the possibility that it has of respecting them, of helping and of recognizing their right in the life.

•  A moral balanced relation between in the person and the animals will generally upgrade the quality of life in the planet.

•  The profit does not constitute end for the bank, but the means with which it will achieve its mission, to help the animals all over the world.

•  The economic profits from the activity of bank will have as recipient its customers and the aim for which it was created.

•  The good faith, the reciprocal confidence, the transparency and the responsibility of bank opposite the members and in its customers, constitute the criterion of its good working.

•  The Animal Bank is not sold, is not incorporated, is not chopped and it does not go to heirs.

•  The workers in the bank enjoy all the legal rights of workers according to the current provisions.

•  The bank allocates the feeling of responsibility to fix itself helper in each effort that promotes the progress and respects the person, the animals and the environment.

The stages of creation of bank

One of the main objectives of this page is to investigate the conditions, the possibilities and the ways of creation a world bank for the animals, with final objective to help factually the animals all over the world from place of force . The contribution of web page is deposits a concrete suggestion of progressive creation of such bank, however (this suggestion) will be placed under investigation and under exploitation by all you that care and feel the need to support with the ideas and the proposals this polite aim.
The impression of people will constitute and the basic criterion in order us to insist and to materialise the ambitious vision.

The suggestion analytically has as follows:

Stage First:

The creation of a world account for the animals, in some case of world scope and prestige of bank, in which all the citizens of world will have easy access of deposit . Particular attention is required in the discovery of suitable administrators of this account that will be supposed are approved and distinguished organisations of international prestige (WSPA , PeTA, RSPCA, ADI e.t.c..)whose help and the support we will ask in our fight (more in link Administrators)according to the suggestion of the page.
At the same time we should make worldwide acquaintance the existence and the objectives of this account, through the internet, but also with any other way that allow our finances data. When is needed disposal of some sum from the account for reasons of publicity, the transparency of handlings of management will constitute also the guarantee of disposal. The depositors will be informed regularly for the size of deposits.

Stage second:

When the account exceeds some limit in the height of deposits which we can also delimit from the beginning , then we might think of founding a world banking organism, with the character of not governmental organisation, not speculative (with the wide economic significance) titled Animal Bank and whose the bigger part of income will be disposed exclusively for the help of animals.

For the form of bank we have the following possibilities:

The first Possibility: Foundation of a member bank with possibility of use only by the registered members of bank. The members will have bought action ( as precisely in a co-operative bank) and they will be individual that will not be connected with enterprises or any other type economically interests. The members will have rights that will attract the interest.

(More in link the members). The administrators of bank will play the main role.
All kinds donations to the bank will be Acceptable from realised benefactors of animals which might play moreover role in the management of bank.

The second Possibility: Foundation of a regular bank, that will allocate all the products of bank, will rival equivalently and it will give increased motives for creation of good faith and good relation of confidence with her customers. With a right management of profits the bank can be developed with interest proposals of exploitation of capital of her customers with bigger interest-rates in the deposits and smaller in the lending than in a common bank so that it attracts the interest of investors that will support it. We should not forget that the bigger part of the profits of bank will be disposed for the particular aim. The final profits may be smaller than those of common bank, but the margins of profit are already so big that its balance-sheet will again be written with profit.


The Members

Members of bank will be those who allocate portions of the Bank(for the first Possibility)or they have account from some height and above in concrete Bank(for the second possibility).

The members of bank will enjoy line of rights that will justify their relation with the bank. They will have higher interest-rate of deposits and lower issuings than a common bank. The loans (housing fees, consuming, enterprising etc) will have more favourable terms and generally the relation of bank with her members will be a creative one and above all human.

All the friends of animals all over the world have deposits in various banks, without particular profits for ourselves. From the other side, without seeking it, we support enormous financier groups with which we don't have any particular relation. We have neither common visions or proportional utilities. It's time for us to support our own bank which will attend the quality of life in the planet except our economies.

The Administrators

The more important structural element in the creation and the operation of bank they are the administrators. They are the persons that will inspire the good faith, the required confidence and will constitute guarantors for the values, the creative present and the achieved future of bank.

When it enters the human factor the relations of confidence are very thin. For this and should the choice of administrators be exceptionally serious and with as long as it becomes more objective evaluative criteria. The page will inform for the vision the following fjlozwjke's organisations which it considers appreciable, watching their action for hro'nja and him it will propose initially as "administrators of vision" and then as administrators of bank. If some visitor or member of page wants he makes proposal, intervention or critical above in the subject of choice of administrators, he does not have than to contact with the page.

The proposed initial administrators are:

The proposed initial administrators

WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

3 IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)  
(The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

5 ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)  
6 ADI (Animal Defenders International)  
7 GEARI (Group for the Education of Animal-Related Issues)  
8 Animals' Angels  
11 Eurogroup For Animals (Animal welfare organizations in Europe)  
12 VEGSOC (Vegetarian Society)  
(Campaigning to end Animal Experiments)

14 FAACE (Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europa)  

We hope the Animals' defenders all over the world will correspond with the idea of the Animal Bank much more than those we suggest !

Hotly request, to Organizations all over the world which work for the defence of the Animals' rights:

Combine your forces right now for the idea of Animal Bank, for the creation of a new strong world power for the support of the Animals' rights on the planet.
It is a unique opportunity for the Animals' salvation and must not be lost...!



The Staff

One of a lot of social roles of bank is also the creation of places of work so that it is staffed and it functions effectively. The choice of her executives will become with strict evaluative criteria and it will engage persons that have the knowledge in the object, the faith in the idea but also the appetite for work, so that they are defended and they promote constructively the interests of bank.



The products

The products of bank will be all that offers today a modern financier organism. The customer of Animal Bank will find solutions in his bank, for all his needs. When in deed it compares this solutions with those of other banks will feel satisfaction. Between the products they will be accounts, deposits, undertakings, loans,me particularly attractive terms, on investments that respect the environment and the quality of life of animals.


The Investments

•  Chains of shops of biological products in all over the world.

•  Shops of cosmetics with biologically only raw material that will attend the exterior but also internal beauty of consumer.

•  Farms with animals that will produce products to exploitation, as milk, eggs, wool etc (the meat of animals does not constitute for the bank product.)

•  Ranches of culture of biological products of each type with respect in the environment and in the person.

•  Chains of restaurants in all over the world that will support and promote hygiene diet.

•  Parks of recreation land and marinely for the entertainment of persons that respects the nature in which they will know and meet the animals in their natural environment.



Become now a collaborator in the creation of World Bank for the Animals.

The most human bank in the world!

Animal Bank



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