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The www.animalbank.org is a personal web page that presence in the internet reflects the sensitivity, the concern and the reflection of author above the subjects that concern the rights of planet's animals .

My name is John and I have the sense that I represent millions persons all over the world with my presence in this site! This is because I know very well that we have something common and we want to shared it.

It is our love for the animals

It is the need that we feel in order to help them.
It is the responsibility that pushes us for defending their right in the life.
It is the conviction that we have that the animals all over the world are the most wronged and unhappy creatures of the nature, not because of the nature but because of the human.
It is the cry of the animals despair that daily calls our conscience to exempt them from the pain, the terror and the humiliation that permanently the human gender causes.

Finaly it is the debt that we have to defend a culture which all we are fruits of and persons in charge for if finally the history of nature him records as human or as inhuman.

I envision the creation of a world bank for the Animals, which will defend dynamically and effectively the rights of the animals of the planet. I want to share this vision with all those persons, all over the world, who love the animals and life and who insist to dream a more right, moral and beautiful world for all creatures without exception.

I seek collaborators in this effort, that not only think out also feel. I know that such persons exist and they are many. However there is the need for a good beginning an initiative, a vision that could inspire and cause their interest and convince them that is worth they fight for a better world.

The society has admitted the need to protect her most defenceless members. As long as difficult it is they impose their rights, so much also bigger is the obligation of society him to safeguard.

As a responsible resident of this planet I feel the need to claim the obvious right in life, so much for the people as the remainder creatures of nature.



Become now a collaborator in the creation of World Bank for the Animals.

The most human bank in the world!

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