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Animals estimate their life such as people

In these pages we will learn about the ways by which the bank will act and justify her presence all over the world. In every case the administrators of the bank will evaluate the teams of animals that suffer and they will intervene drastically. The teams of animals are distinguished as below:

First Team: The animals for food

The bank will finance organised expeditions all over the world which will have mission to inform and convince the consumers for their erroneous choice to eat meat and for the dangers they run from his consumption but also for their mistaken habit from the opinion of ethics. The bank will at the same time finance researches that will prove the damaging consequences eat meat. In future plans of bank will be included in her assets, fa'rmes zw'wn(Vle'pe investments of bank).

Second Team: The animals for the experiments

The thoughtless exploitation of animals today for scientific reasons constitutes a enormous crime without punishment, but mainly without result. Even if it has been proved that the organisms of animals do not suit anymore with the transformated human organism, they continue torturing the animals in laboratories in order to justify the subsidies of their researches, which they are proved ineffective in the end.
No progress substantially has been carried out but constitutes the easy way for the companies that finance such type researches. I determinedly believe that in the future these experiments can be done on hybrids laboratorial preparations, because this is also feasible with the development of biology even if it is more expensive.
To this directionthe bank will be moved , first informing the world for the possibilities that exist, with expeditions of information and afterwards investing and supporting the research to this direction.

Third Team: The animals accessories

There are some "secrets of beauty" that the companies of cosmetics avoid to

Each year, roughly 30.000 animals are killed in the altar of beauty.
In the experiments for the irritation of skin they shave the skin of
back of rabbits. Then the skin is grazed, in order to be
hard and to accept chemist, that is often given in so much
condensed form that it burns the skin.

Actually, as more somebody examines the experiments on animals, as less meaning 8000 ingredients of cosmetics acquire that have been proved to be safe.I wanted ,do we need more?

The Bank with expedition sponsored by itself t will convince the consumer in stead of to buying cosmetics and products of care that have been tryed in animals, but it is to turn in to the humanitarian solution.
This campaign will be supported from the most progressive companies and super markets

Only the word "horror" can describe what is hidden behind a fur that covers the body of a conceited "lady". The human absurdity in all the greatness! First the "lady"goes to a very expensive institute of aesthetics in order to removes the last one hair from her velvet skin and afterwards she covers with billions hairs that are found above in the tortured skins of many animals that are murdered with the bad way in order to make the "lady" feel her body warm .We should warm the frozen soul of this "lady" in order to realise her foolery. However we need money and expeditions of libel or publicity where it needs. The bank will be able to buy farms of unhappy animals and for this it will attend bring them more near to people in suitably shaped spaces, in which comparison of their a live beauty with that of their dead nature will take place.

The companies of cosmetics will find itself opposite to the bank which will finance, will manage and appear the use of biological cosmetic products as the only one that does not harm the beauty and the health of body and soul.

Fourth Team: The animals of recreation

It is unacceptable for the culture of person to allow the torture and the humiliation of other creatures for his own pleasure. Most circus in the world that uses animals, are illegal. The animals are kept jailed and they are tortured with the bad way so that they give the "representation" that will satisfy the foolish and irregular wishes of certain persons. Also a lot of barbarian deliveries at the expense the animals, that prevail all over the world( bullfights e.t.c.)must be excluded and turned away.

The bank can also play a dynamic role, with advertising expeditions of briefing of spectators to excluse such immoral "spectacles", as also the prosecution with legal methods (with datum the economic cost) of such companies of recreation, at the expense the rights of animals.


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