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The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.
Alice Walker
What do the Animals mean for us ?
The Legistation
The inhumanity of person in the animals, the environment, and the economy
Animals' Supporters
What famous persons have said about animals

The declaration of Animal Rights

Article First
All the animals are born with equal rights in life and in the possibility of existence.

Article the Second
1. The human being owes to respect the life of each animal.
2. The human being belongs in the animal kingdom and he cannot exterminate or exploit the other types of animal kingdom. On the contrary, he owes to use the knowledge for the good of the animals.
3. Each animal is intitled to care, attention and protection from the man.

Article Thirdly
1. No animal should be submitted in treatment or inhuman behavior.
2. If the killing of animal is considered obligatory it should it be done in a moment , painlessly and without no challenge of distress of the animal.

Article Fourth
1. Each animal is intitled to live in its natural space (ground, sea, air) and to be repeated according to the natural laws.
2. The deprival of freedom of animal even if it takes place for educative aims is opposite to the statement of rights of this.

Article Fifth
1. Each animal that by delivery is considered domestic is intitled to live with the rythm and the conditions of life and freedom that corresponds to his species.
2. The differentiation of these conditions from the person has aims speculative and is opposite to the statement.

Article Sixth
1. Each animal that constitutes companion of the man has the right of duration of life proportional to his natural longevity.
2. The abandonment of animal is considered an inhuman and humiliation action.

Article Seventh
In regard to the animals that offer their services to the man, the duration and the intensity of work should be in reasonable frames, their diet should be satisfactory and their rest should be obligatory.

Article Eighth
1. Any experimentation above the animals, medical, scientific, etc objects to the rights of animals, provided that it causes pain bodily or mental.
2. The replacement of experimentation above in the animals should be sought by other existing techniques .

Article Ninth
The animals that are raised for the diet of person should be accomodated, be fed, be moved and killed without challenge of pain and distress.

Article Tenth
1. Tthe exploitation of animals for the amusement of persons is prohibited.
2. The report of animal and the spectacles that use animals constitute violation of dignity and respect to the life of animal.

Article eleventh
Each action that causes death of animal without reason is a murder , it is crime opposite to life.

Article Twelfth
1. Each action that causes death of a big number of wild animals constitutes "genocide", crime opposite to the species.
2. The pollution and any destruction of our natural environment lead to the genocide.

Article Thirteenth
1. Respect is even imposed to a dead animal.
2. Each scene of violence in the television and the cinema, with victims that are animals should be prohibited and only the scenes that have aim to inform for the rights of animals should be appearred.

Article Fourteenth
The organisms of protection and defence of animals should be represented by each government.
2. The rights of animals should be guaranteed from the laws, as precisely as the rights of the man.

International Union for the Animal Rights - Paris 1978


What do the animals mean for us ?

What are the animals for us? It is food, friends, parasitises, institutions of illnesses, workers, source of aesthetic enjoyment, amusement, "renewable" sources, tools of research, sources of raw material and other. They are our opponents , resources, objects of entertainment etc.New uses of animals recently have been added in the long list. We can see animals now as soldiers that are withdrawn by a kingdom that does not exist anymore, survivor that is in danger and with that , finally we should make peace. The life of each animal is precious, wild and domestic, wild animals that are found jailed in parks , circus, shops and aquariums, animals that should be domestic, but have become or in parts or absolutely wildy and finally those that in the distant past or recently they have been installed near the human type species but maintain their independence.
The animals are born , learn and have curiosity , run and eat, develop relations with the other animals of their species. The animals make all these and still more, with the way which is natural for each type . Their way of behavior is not better or worse from ours, is simply different. All these can be obvious, at least for somebody that has a certain relation with the animals .  

In spite of this the way we make thoughts and our behaviour show that we consider the animals not as separate individuals but only (and no always) as a thing, that do not suffer do not think , are not aware, are not afraid of the death and do not have feelings. These convictions exist even if the science of ecology and philosophical reflections declare clearly that in most cases, they are simply biases that we use in order to subjugate the animals in our own needs without barriers.

The particular nature of human beings in every case is not set as a subject , no more than the nature of kinds and it does not mean that the feeling that we belong in our own separate type should be ignore . But the fact that we are human beings does not give us the right to declare that our natural place is in the top of the pyramid and the remainder types are found in the her base . The Ethology and the Comparative Neurophysiology, as the common sense, prove with elements that the pain , happiness, love, sentiment, mutualism , the faculty of communication , the analysis and resolution of problems and the cultural heritage are not exclusive characteristics of the human being and actually in special cases some of those are met in representatives of other types with more intense form.   

These attributes, firstly the faculty to love and to ache are enough in order to lend rights in all of them that possess them, the right in a equal regard of needs in the sector of the psychology and the behavior .

The culture is closely tied up with the long-lasting fight against discriminations the battle for the suppression white - black, man - woman, normal - homosexual, and has given moral victories and progress in the quality of life . The recognition of the rights in individuals that do not belong to the human type means that this tendency develops in positive direction .   

The society has accepted the need to defend the rights of its feeblest members. The more difficult it is to impose their rights the bigger obligation the society has to safeguard them. If this place is right, then it is reasonable and legal extend it in each one that has the rights independent the type in which it belongs. The human knowledge of characteristics moral of various types has helped to comprehend a lot of sides of our behavior, helping us to reject the previous anthropocentric picture of nature that put in danger our own and her own survival.
It is clear that it is not necessary to show love and friendship to the animals but it is necessary to demonstrate also in all the persons in order to convince that it is moral error to kill, to cause pain and to deprive the freedom in remainder creatures of nature.





Animal activists and their lawyers are using increasingly sophisticated and coordinated legal strategies in an attempt to incrementally change how our laws confront the animals.

Anti-cruelty laws have existed for many years. In recent years, however, these laws have been expanded and strengthened. In 1994 only 15 states had felony anti-cruelty statutes; today 41 states have felony anti-cruelty laws that call cruelty as a crime.

The introduction of "guardian" laws, pet trusts, pet custody disputes, and lawsuits alleging, veterinary malpractice, loss of companionship, and infliction of emotional distress in cases involving animals all contribute to a new and expanding body of law relating to animals.

Below we present certain websites that include in their pages the existing legislation that concerns the rights of animals all over the world.You can read the law in any language you wish using traslation site:

The provides the access to the legislation and the legal subjects about the rights and the prosperity of animals. The supports the information about the cruelty against the animals, the control of animals, the prosperity of guinea-pigs, the use of animals in the education, in the trial of products and in the laboratory, the animal questions of control, and the general prosperity of animals.

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The inhumanity of person to the animals, the environment and the economy
If somebody conceives the animals as idiotic, dirty and beastly, it perhaps helps him to facilitate the moral charge of their murder and their consumption. The pigs, and the other animals that are killed to become food, are particularly brilliant. The professor Stanley Curtis of government owned university Penn has taught the pigs to understand the complex relations between energies and objects so that they can play video-game. The pigs have been proved to be assembled, creative, innovative and equal in intelligence to the apes.

Millions of animals that are destined to be eaten are slaughtered . Often they are grazed, they are boiled and slaughtered lively! If we were to remove the consumption of meat entirely, the resources of world's food be sufficient in order to feed 10 billions persons in 1998. On average, they need 15 kgr of wheat in order to produce only one kgr of beef , 6 kgr of wheat in order to produce one kgr of pork meat, 3 kgr of wheat in order to produce one kgr of chicken and 9 kgr of fish meal in order to produce one kgr of raised fishes. The same wheat can be consumed immediately from the persons.

The destruction of our environment that is caused by the production of raised animals is a immense expense that is not calculated in the price that you overwhelm for the kilo of meat in the butchery.

For example, the enormous sums of wheat and pasture lands that are used in order to they raise the world population of 1,3 billions of cattle of beef. The combined weight of domestic cattle in the earth is more than that of all persons! In all the world, the 60% ground to pasturage is the main cause of land destruction and desolation. Roughly the 90% fertile territory of USA loses earth from the wind and the erosion of water 13 times faster than the naturally viable percentage. The cattle upset the ecosystems of more than half mass of the world's ground. In order to add in this tendency of suicide, the American government subsidises the stock breeders (ranchers) in the public territories with $500 millions dollars each year!

The called Service of Protection of environment(EPA) decided that the agriculture is fungible from the law of clean water in the USA even if the 60% of rivers and our streams are considered that "they suffer" because the rural and veterinary surgeon waste. The pigs, for example, remove 32 times their weight in excrements and urine each year. In the central California, 1.600 dairies produce the excrements and the urine of acity of 21 millions of persons It is unbelievable but annually five TONS of manure are produced from the raised animals for each American citizen. This amounts with 130 times more waste than that are produced by the persons! These waste are thrown away or leave through the earth in the benefit of our sweet water.

There are 1,2 billions persons in the world whose daily income is less than $1 dollar daily. They spend 70 per 100 of their income for food, however the increasing prices of the wheat because of the competition with the raised animals cause increasing hunger worldwide. Ironically, in 1991, the Committee of Doctors for Responsible Medicine announced the "new four teams of foods": that are, fruits, vegetables, unrefined cerials and legumes (beans and peas). The meat and dairy are considered "optionally" and are not considered essential for the good health.

A further offence in our intelligence, or the lack of this, with regard to the consumption of meat, has been revealed on the most extensive study of diet and the way of life that has ever become , and is called "the Project China". The study realised that the consumption of animal protein is connected with the chronic disease! (source: "101 reasons for that I am herbivorous" - publication 1998, from the Pamela Rice)

The inhuman ferocities of commercial production of meat that are combined with the enormous abuse and waste of decreased territory and our aquatic resources are argued in detail by the John Robbins in the television film and his book titled, "Diet on new America".

You see those that eat meat constitute the model of developed western person and the essential "cogwheels of" modern globalized consuming machine. We will not be tired to reveal the truth of shame.

Some numbers, assiduously hidden by somebodies (but why?) perhaps help you to think.

In daily base 75 millions animals on average are killed with the wilder way all over the world in order to become "enjoyable titbits" in the dishes of persons that eat meat!!!

The statistics of... shame, analytically

Daily they are slaughtered on average: 


70 millions chickens

2,8 millions pigs

1,2 millions sheeps

654.000 cows

from the other side:

If we were to remove the consumption of meat entirely, the resources of foods of world would be sufficient in order to feed 10 billions persons in 1998

On average, they need

15 kgr of wheat in order to produce only one kgr of bovine meat

6 kgr of wheat in order to produce one kgr of pork meat

3 kgr of wheat in order to produce one kgr of chicken

9 kgr of fish meal in order to produce one kgr of raised fishes

The same wheat can be consumed immediately by the persons. These numbers help you now to occupy why so much persons die daily because of hunger...!

One vegetarian helps in the disappearance of hunger in the Planet

One vegetarian saves 99 lives of animals each year

Become vegetarian and nobody will be hurt

Save lives!

Becomes vegetarian!

Animals' Supporters

More than 50 billion animals are killed for the benefit of people every year.
Alongside this unprecedented violence, there is also another trend by various groups for more ethical behavior toward animals.

The intense interest of citizens in many countries for the protection of animals has started similar efforts to legislate, even on a constitution.

Over the last thirty years, a great number of philosophers and activists have dealt with a number of issues by introducing innovative ways of thinking that led to the creation of a new social movement.

The movement for the rights of animals, which has spread to all parts of the world, contests and reverse the traditional relations between humans and animals.

Based on the most famous saying of the movement by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) "The question is not whether animals have logic, can speak, but if we suffer", supporters of the movement believe that animals, as beings with perception and awareness, have certain basic rights that the people must be respected, such as the right to life and non-violence.

The ultimate goal of the movement is to stop the exploitation and death of animals for human interests.

What famous persons have said about animals

"A person can live and be healthy without killing animals for food. Consequently, if he eats meat, he participates in the abstraction of life of animal partially for charm of his appetite. And this action is immoral."

~ Leon Tolstoi, On Civil Disobedience

"In my opinion the vegetarianism as a way of life with its natural results in the human psychology would influence with the most beneficial way the fate of humanity."

~ Albert Einstein

"I, from my side, wonder from which type of feeling, brain or reason was possessed this person that first polluted his mouth with blood, and allowed in his lips to touch upon the flesh of a killed being. That set his table with the dissolved forms of dead bodies, and claimed as daily food and tasty dishes that knew they were beings dowered with movement, with perception and with voice."

~ Ploutarchos

"How can somebody, who eats the flesh of other in order to inflate his own flesh, show sympathy"

~ Tirouvallouvar, Tirukkural: 251

"As long as the Person continues to be the cruel destroyer of inferior living beings he will never know health and peace. Because as long as the persons slaughter the animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, the one that scatters the fruit of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

~ Pethagoras

"The season when persons like me will look at the murder of animals as now they look at the murder of persons, will come. "

~ Leonardo da Vinci

"I do not have no doubt that it is part of the destination of the human race, in her progressive improvement, to stop eating animals."

~ Henry David Thoreau

"As soon as you have dined, and as carefully as the slaughterhouse it is hidden in the cute distance of miles, accomplice exists (you are accomplice)."

~ Rulf Waldo Emersson

"Nothing will raise the human health and will increase the occasions of survival of life in the Ground more than the development in a way of life with plant foods."

~ Albert Einstein

"I feel that the intellectual progress indeed requires, in some stage, that we should stop killing our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily needs." "The greatness of nation and his moral progress are judged by what is brought in the animals. In my brain, the life of sheep is not less precious than that of a person."

~ Mahatma Gandhié

"Becoming a vegetarian is entering in the river that leads to the nirvana."

~ Boudas

"Auschwitz begins each time somebody looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they are only animals."

~ Theontor Antorno


The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.

Alice Walker


"This beautiful creature should die... it is death without reason... and the death without reason it is a MURDER."

~ Smiths, from the song "Meat Is Murder"

"Put a baby in a swing with an apple and a rabbit. If baby eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I will buy you new car!"

~ Harvey Diamond

"If the slaughterhouses had glass walls, we all would become vegetarians"

~ Paul Mc Cartney



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