The animals feel the pain with the same way and in the same degree
as the persons

The aim of this page is to make acquaintance to as more persons as possible the vision for the creation of Animal Bank. All together to share the dream and to realise it!
When people believe in a idea, then they can materialise it. Your own contribution in this is the basic criterion of success. The content of the web page is available in two languages. In Greek and in the English.

We ask for the help of volunteers, persons that believe in the concretisation of this vision and that know an other language, except them, to translate the texts in the language that they know, so as it can be readable by more persons. The names of volunteers will be included in the places of collaborators of the web page, if they want .

Contribute with this way in the polite fight of this web page.



Become now a collaborator in the creation of World Bank for the Animals.

The most human bank in the world!

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