In this page you can meet the Animals' world in photos and you just realize that it is our world...!.

Their world does not inspire to them anything safety. But it happens to be the same with our world...!

The value of life does not constitute main thing in the system of values in the simultaneous world economics system...!

Animals see, hear, scare, pain, wonder... !

The motherlity is strong in the same way as all the being of nature...!

The racism does not touch Animals

Animals must not constitute a marketable kind

Animals dream...!

Animals enjoy and love the beauty of life...!

Animals love to play

All Animals are useful according to nature

The relasionships between Animals are disinterested

Wild life concern the Animals or the People?

Animals are social beings

Rare animals, unusual beauty...!

The man's presence in their world cause fear to them...!

Nature does not hasten to change

Beauty is not constructed

We all have the same right in life

He song the pleasure of life

Beauty has wings

Its life is on your hand... !

We have not the right to turn their paradise to hell...

A portrait on the light...

Mama who is this person?

Am I so different from you?

Everywhere life is flowered...!

The ... real wealth of the sea... !

The treasure invaluable of worth... !

Replete beauty...!

I am here too... !

Hello and don't forget me... !


Animals entreat .... Lets hear them...!

Animals suffer and only you can help them... !

Do you want to be a part of your food?

Do you want to be a part of your food?

Do you want to be a part of your food?

Do you want to be a part of your food?

Do you want to be a part of your food?

The experimences on animals are enough...! Those don't help to anything...!

For your cosmetics madam...!

The science consider animals as its tools

Behind the shining lights the animals' poverty is hided

He is suffered that is worth to him... !

The seal who is saved wonder for the huge massacre...!

The man has skined it alive... ! Which other animal can do it?

... but ... it is still alive...!!



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